The joy that music can bring to all of us has just been underlined for me by the text I’ve just received from my niece Jess. She was so excited that my phone almost burst under the sheer weight of emoji’s signalling that I was dealing with a ridiculously happy 22 year old. (To be honest my understanding of emoji’s is limited but I got the broad message the various shapes were attempting to convey).

The reason that Jess was so ecstatic was that she had managed to secure a ticket for The First Dance club night being promoted by…

St George’s Hall lit in purple light featured in an arial photograph at night
St George’s Hall lit in purple light featured in an arial photograph at night
St George’s Hall sits with the Cultural Quarter of Liverpool, Image copyright Stratus Imagery.

“During times of crisis, it can be difficult to think of the future, to know how to progress and embrace creativity and think outside of the box. However this week I was reminded that now is the perfect time to stop, collaborate and listen.

Attending the ROCK, Open Knowledge Week seminar, (digital in the current climate) I was inspired by the projects undertaken around Europe in utilising our culture and heritage for the regeneration of both physical places and the mental transformations of residents. Listening to the city of Eindhoven discussing their “Living Lab” and how they have utilised people’s…

St George’s Hall Liverpool. Image © Stratus Imagery

When Liverpool was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2004, the city joined a select group of world sites recognised for their unique contributions to architecture and culture, including the Taj Mahal, Stonehenge, Venice and the Great Wall of China.

How can it be then that Liverpool, once considered a global architectural icon, now isn’t?

When UNESCO bestowed the WHS accolade on Liverpool it stated that Liverpool is “the supreme example of a commercial port of the time of Britain’s greatest global influence.” Nothing has changed since then. We are still the supreme example.

Liverpool’s Grade I and II…


When Liverpool started the process of securing World Heritage Site status in around 2001, it was during a time when the city was gearing up to be the European Capital of Culture. It was the ambition and the voice of the people that secured the UNESCO status for Liverpool. UNESCO has not listened to that voice.
Liverpool is a city that has built its economy over the last 25 years on the back of that wonderful, glorious and colourful voice. The voices of its people, the beauty of its buildings, its history, and its future coalescing to make it the most…

Vasily Petrenko performing with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra

Vasily Petrenko has just ended his glorious 15 year reign as the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s Chief Conductor after a final trio of concerts last week. Of course the loss of such a major talent is a sad moment for the Phil and for the city generally but it is also a time to reflect on a magnificent period when we have been lucky enough to enjoy such a singular talent.

As well as being a giant of the conducting world Vasily is also a hugely charismatic individual and has served as a brilliant ambassador not just for the Phil…

male singer surrounded by musicians and singers standing on a stage performing
male singer surrounded by musicians and singers standing on a stage performing
Raheem, LIMF Academy Artist performing on stage

I was excited to learn recently that Future Talent have decided on Liverpool as their northern base. Their decision to choose Liverpool over the likes of Manchester and Leeds does I think speak volumes for the obvious vibrancy and attractiveness of Liverpool as a music city at the moment.

Future Talent are a welcome addition to a broad spectrum of talent development programmes that already exist across the city region. Close to home because it is based out of Culture Liverpool is the brilliant LIMF Academy, which will soon be looking to recruit its next cohort. In brief the LIMF

Author’s note — to be clear from the off all the opinions expressed here are mine alone, completely subjective and liable to change at a moment’s notice. I have a pretty good memory but can’t guarantee any factual accuracy so feel free to contradict me at any point.

It’s pretty much stating the obvious to say that Liverpool is renowned the world over for producing a constant steam of amazing musical talent. For the last 60 years our magnificent musical city has provided the world with some of the best and most successful artists ever. If that wasn’t enough I’d…

By Mark Da Vanzo, CEO, Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse

Everyman Theatre, Liverpool. Photographer © Philip Vile

Over the past year, the Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse theatres have had to play a different role within the arts ecology based on the peculiar set of circumstances we found ourselves in. For times such as these, I found strength in the Māori proverb, “He waka eke noa”; “a canoe which we are all in with no exception”. So while our physical doors were unavoidably closed we looked to open new doors to actively support our staff, audiences, partners and the local freelance community. …

By Alicia Smith

From Here, by Nathan Coley, St George’s Dock Pumping Station, Mann Island, Liverpool (2020). Photography by Mark McNulty.

Spring is finally here, the days are getting longer and there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon…

As 2021 gets well underway, I find it uplifting to reflect on where we have been and where we are heading on our cultural journey. And whilst it’s not quite yet business as usual for the organisations we support, this is an opportune time for us to reset our ambitions together.

Just 12 months ago, I was thrilled to be leading on a project called ‘Developing A Cultural Strategy for Liverpool’, a strategy aimed at setting out the…

Just when you are feeling a bit down in the dumps, suffering the post -Christmas January blues, along comes Independent Venue Week to make life seem a little brighter again. This year IVW runs for a week from 25th Jan celebrating and championing the venues that are the lifeblood of the UK music scene. This national initiative highlights local venues that perform the vital dual role of giving artists somewhere to play early in on their careers while also ensuring that music fans have somewhere they can get to experience the thrill of live music at its very best. …

Culture Liverpool

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