The joy that music can bring to all of us has just been underlined for me by the text I’ve just received from my niece Jess. She was so excited that my phone almost burst under the sheer weight of emoji’s signalling that I was dealing with a ridiculously happy…

Yaw Owusu, Playmaker Thirteen. Photographer Robin Clewley

This January saw the launch of a brand new campaign for the city, bringing together Liverpool’s arts organisations to show-off their impressive cultural credentials.

At the heart of this campaign is a new film, aptly named ‘#CulturesClub’, which shines a spotlight on the huge array of establishments that make up…

Dance Together Installation at River of Light 2021, Culture Liverpool, Liverpool City Council

A statement that embodies more meaning than it perhaps realised, “culture, what is it good for? Absolutely everything” and it couldn’t be more true, especially in a city so effervescent with culture, art and heritage as Liverpool.

During a global pandemic, it could be easy to forget the intrinsic value…

“Walking through Liverpool this summer, I was fascinated to see the Queen Victoria statue in Derby Square draped in a colourful hessian dress while William Gladstone’s monument in St John’s Gardens was wrapped in a bright, pan-African flag.

In their new attire, these statues immediately took on new meaning. And…

Culture Liverpool

Telling stories. Delivering events. Championing creativity. Inspiring audiences. Thinking forward. — Culture: the rocket fuel for regeneration.

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