Liverpool FC: Heart, Humility, Harmony

As Liverpool FC fans gear up for what could be a history-changing weekend and thousands travelling to Spain for the all-English encounter, the city is preparing for another potential homecoming parade. The pressure of history, high expectations and the dreams of millions of people lie on the shoulders of Jurgen Klopp and his team tomorrow.

Should Liverpool FC triumph in their head-to-head Champions League Final against Tottenham, the City of Liverpool will formally invite the club to hold a victory parade on Sunday 2 June.

It’s not uncommon for a football team to adopt the same characteristics as their city, to become a distillation of the place which they call home. The air of nonchalant arrogance of Paris St Germain is the same you feel on the Champs Elysee and the passion and expression of Corinthians exudes the heat and energy of Sao Paulo.

But surely there is no football team in the world right now that better encapsulates their home city than this current Liverpool FC team. The backbone of steel epitomised by Virgil Van Dyke, the resilience and passion of James Milner and Jordan Henderson and then the creativity and innovation of Salah, Mane and Firmino.

Trent Alexander Arnold feels like the city incarnate. He has grown up in renaissance Liverpool, witnessing change both physical and emotional which are unrivalled in the UK. A city of social justice and community, of visceral passion and of creativity curiosity. Which has worked hard, been true to itself, remembered it’s past but not let that cloud it’s future. A city which is once again at the European top table.

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LFC Homecoming Parade Champions League Winners, 2005

Let the alchemy unfold.

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