Liverpool — we don’t do things by halves here.

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Liverpool as a City is well versed in hosting major events . Whether they be sporting, business or cultural, there is a one city approach that you struggle to find in other places. The systems we have in place and the partnerships that have been tested over many years make the experience for organisers a dream.

But how do we get better, how do we offer more to people who are judging us against cities and countries across the world?

Apart from the being most exciting city in the UK which wraps its arms around you from the moment you arrive what sets us apart? For Uniglobal and now for the Vitality Netball World Cup there is a uniqueness born out of the will of those organisations to put something back.

Here at Culture Liverpool, we are working with M&S Bank Arena to also produce spectacular opening events. This gives us the opportunity to paint a true picture of the city the event is taking part in and the story it wants to tell. Last year, the Uniglobal event opened with the story of the Trade Union movement, spoken through the eyes of young Liverpool artists highlighting the importance of a collective voice that was most definitely scouse.

For the Opening Ceremony of the Vitality Netball World Cup, directed by Bev Ayres and our very own Alicia Smith, you will see showcased the best Liverpool artists from Wired Ariel Theatre, Jennifer John and Sense of Sound, and a choir of over 240 local people. The costumes have been designed by Mary Lamb and Fabrication Studios, music by Andy Frizzell and projections by Illuminos. An international flavour is brought by 30 dancers from International Arts Barcelona.

But why does it make a difference?

Because this opening will be like no other experienced at a Netball World Cup. The quality of production, matched by a storytelling and artistic quality that is unrivaled and home grown.

It is a new way of working but only in Liverpool would you get the level of support, expertise and above all passion that will open the Vitality Netball World Cup in style and in scouse.

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